Set Up/Arrival:

Can we bring our own decorations?

All decorations require the venues approval.  Candles may be used if they are enclosed in votive holders or hurricane lamps with a wick that is a minimum of two inches below the top of the glass.  Only real flowers petals are allowed for indoor or outdoor ceremonies.


What time can the bride and groom be at CLP on wedding day?  

We offer two wedding packages.  Depending on the desired package, arrival time for set up will be 11:00 am or 1:00 pm.  Our staff needs time to prepare the venue for your day.  We do a fresh cleaning each wedding day morning.  


Will you be coordinating the day or do we need to have someone assigned to make sure people are in the right place at the right time?

CLP does have staff on site to assure the ultimate satisfaction and safety of your guests.  Our packages also include a  Day of Coordinator / Event Planner to make your special day as easy and stress-free as possible.


If you have a family member marrying you, is that okay?

They need to be licensed by the State of Florida.


How many guests can be seated for the ceremony?  

Ceremony seating:  250 +/-
Reception seating:  250 +/-

Cocktail Hour:

How long does cocktail hour typically last?

Approximately 1 hour


Do you have lawn games available?

We do not furnish these, but we do have area for lawn games if you bring them.


What do we do about bugs, mosquitoes at night?

We do not typically have a problem with mosquitoes.  If we see a problem, we will take care of it to the best of our ability.


When does the music stop?

The music can play until after your last dance is announced.  This time is determined by your wedding package chosen.  The DJ and your timeline will also determine this.

Transportation and Lodging:

Do you have a shuttle bus or bus service company you recommend using for getting guest to CLP from the hotel?  Do you have a hotel you recommend?

Yes, please see the Vendor and Lodging guide.


Is smoking allowed on property?

There is a ‘designated smoking area’ for guests.  There is absolutely no smoking in any of the buildings on property.  


Can an outside caterer be used?

Club Lake Plantation has well established relationships with our preferred vendors and we are confident they will provide top quality service that will contribute to an overall successful event.  Club Lake Plantation does have a catering company that is highly recommended.  Outside caterers must be approved by CLP’s event manager and must carry liability insurance with instructions as to being listed as an additional insured.  Please see our vendor list.


Tell me a few things that are allowed and are not allowed regarding alcohol:

Club Lake Plantation will hire (per the contract/agreement) a licensed and insured bar tending company for your services needed/required.  We want to insure we have hired the necessary amount of bartenders based on the types of alcohol involved and the number of guests being served.  You may bring bottles of liquor and mixers yourself, with our licensed and insured bartender serving the liquor along with the beer and wine.  It is important that our bartending vendor be responsible for serving any alcohol since any alcohol consumption on property is their responsibility.  Drinking alcoholic beverages in the parking lot or in a car is not allowed.  Guests should have proper ID in the case of being asked for it.  


Can we drink anywhere on property:

Drinking is allowed as long as the beverage is served to you by an attending licensed bartender, one hired through our contract/agreement.  There is no drinking allowed in the parking lot.  


How long will the bar be open?

Typically for 6 hours, beginning 30 minutes to an hour prior to the start of the ceremony.   The DJ will make an announcement for ‘last call’.  Additional bar hours may be purchased.


If I reserve a date, how much money is due upfront?  Do we make monthly installments, or is payment due all at once?

Booking your wedding requires paying applicable deposit, signing basic contract, and credit card authorization form needs to be completed.  By signing, you are choosing your package, reserving your date and event time.  Final numbers and specific weddings details can be adjusted after the initial booking.  Upon signing the contract a 30% deposit is required.  This deposit is non-refundable.  Ninety (90) days before DOW, 50% of remaining balance is due.  Forty Five (45) days before DOW, schedule wedding ceremony rehearsal by emailing CLP.  The final balance is also due at this time.  Thirty (30) days before DOW, you will schedule your wedding final meeting (via email).  Fourteen (14) days before DOW, you will meet with one of CLP’s event specialist for your final meeting.  The following will be discussed:  *Floorplans *Wedding Supply Drop Off  *Final guest count will be confirmed


Is there a rehearsal policy?

Club Lake Plantation and the client will agree on a scheduled rehearsal time, prior to DOW.  The rehearsal time will not exceed one hour.  There may be an additional charge to the client if the scheduled time exceeds the one hour.  


Are ‘Sparkler Exits’ allowed?



Does your venue offer an ‘All Inclusive’ package?